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welcome to True Tie Dye
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We're here to help you achieve fantastic results.

Our artistry is first conceived in the imagination.

TrueTieDye is a Colorado studio specializing in quality tie dyed textiles since 1995. We now teach our techniques through a comprehensive series of "how to" videos.

With practice, what is imagined can be created.

Our tie dye and the process we teach are the product of many years of research, thought, and experience.  We know the secrets that make great tie dye, and we want to share them with you!

made entirely by hand.

Every step is performed by hand, no sewing required.  And the colors last. We'll show you the tips, tricks, and techniques used to produce professional quality results.

Learn how to make quality tie dye that you can enjoy for years to come.

You can dye cotton, rayon, hemp, flax, and silk using Procion dyes, which are non-toxic and clean up easily with water

Using our "how to" videos, anyone can learn to make outstanding tie dye.  Now it's easy and economical to create quality t-shirts, clothing and tapestries of your own!