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Reviews - here's what people are saying about 
our "how to tie dye" video series:

"A fine introduction to a popular American folk art, [Tie Dye 101] is highly recommended."  (3.5 out of 4 stars)

M.E. Snodgrass
Video Librarian

"It's an excellent series, and much better than any book I've seen on the subject of tie dyeing. I really like how they show everything step by step, in detail, with appropriate safety precautions. . . anyone should be able to follow TrueTieDye's instructions successfully."

Paula Burch, Ph.D.

"The DVDs are fantastic.  You guys did a superb job.  Easy to watch, directions are easy to follow.  You gave such a wealth of information exactly going step by step - thank you."

Blacksburg, VA

"Thanks so much for sending the DVDs so promptly, I got them within the week of ordering. I've watched them all and am really happy with them (and yes they were fun to watch). I've always wanted to try tie dyeing but didn't know where to begin. Your videos are great and I have come away feeling really inspired and ready to tie dye anything and everything!  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge."

Melbourne, Australia

"I received the tie dye DVDs and am so thrilled!  This was the clearest, most concise video and exceeded my expectations.  I made my first mandala shirt, a heart and a smiley face - very easy with your techniques!  I've never seen them done this way before. . . Anyway, great product and thank you!"

Verona, NJ

"I have been meaning to write you both to comment on the excellent job done on Advanced Tie Dye Techniques. I received my copy promptly and have thoughtfully enjoyed the useful information. Even true advanced tie dyers will appreciate the step by step instructions to create amazing designs. I have learned a few new techniques and enjoyed viewing your style of tie dyeing. Your videos are truly a tie dyers gem. Thanks for sharing you expertise!"


"Your step-by-step instructions are very thorough, and I love the "recaps" of the tie-ups.  I appreciate all the hard work that went into your videos, including the creative soundtrack!  The caliber of my tie dyes has increased tremendously since I started trying your folds and techniques.  I've also been inspired to create some new folds based on the information you provided on your videos

My new creations look so incredible that people might not recognize my work!  I didn't realize that I had become bored with my old designs until it was time to rinse out some of the experiments from your videos, and I got that nervous-excited feeling that I haven't had for years!  Your videos have put the excitement back in tie dyeing!"

Nicole Beaudoin
Magdalena, NM

"I've been dyeing for 7 years . . . I thought I was pretty good and I've made a lot of shirts and pieces that I am proud of. But your DVD set has taken me to an entirely new level. I am as excited about dyeing, probably more so, than when I first fell in love with the craft, and I have you to thank.

I almost didn't buy Tie Dye 101, thinking I wouldn't need the basics since I had a few years of practice under my belt. I'm glad I got it. I changed my whole system around to what you describe and I'm glad I did. My colors are brighter and more defined. My palette has expanded. Even cleaning up is easier after adopting your tips and tricks. I also learned a lot about handling, storing, and preparing the dyes and various chemicals.

The series is worth way more than you charge. The production quality is excellent. The instructions - whether verbal, text, or filming of the hands at work are all clear and leave no questions unanswered. It is funny in places, and I feel like I know and like you both. Thanks so much!"

Brian Wilson
New Castle, PA

"I have found information on the creation of high quality tie dyes to be very elusive.  I have read countless books, most of which contained the same extremely basic and often inaccurate information.  The majority of my "tie dye education" has come through several years of very expensive trial and error...and believe me, there are many many possible errors to be made.

Tom & Martine have created nothing shy of the "Holy Grail" of How to Tie Dye videos.  I have never seen anything that comes even close to the quality of this set.  If you know absolutely nothing about tie dye, buy this DVD set and you will have every necessary piece of information you need to make amazing tie dyes.  Everything from how to do it, to where to get everything you need to do it.  

If you are a seasoned tie dye professional, you still want to buy this DVD set.  You will still find tips which will save you money, save you time and effort, and make tie dying much more enjoyable.
I don't know how Tom and Martine managed to put a price on their invaluable DVD 10 times the selling price, it would still be worth every penny!"

Bill Edwards
The Missouri Ozarks

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