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Want more than just one tie-dye ?

tie dye t-shirts

Making tie dye could be for you.  You can create a customized collection for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost to buy.

And you get the satisfaction of being able to say you made it yourself.

tie dye shirts with dye

Isn't tie-dyeing complicated and messy ?

Not if you know what you're doing. 

We'll show you how to easily obtain the best possible results.

mixing folding dyeing

Wouldn't it be easier just to buy some dye and start experimenting ?

Actually, no.  Tie-dyeing is an economical way to decorate clothing and fabrics, but the cost of Procion dyes and clothing blanks still adds up.

This is money wasted if you don't end up with what you want - top notch tie dye.

Get the most from your investment.

Our "how-to tie dye" videos show you how to get professional looking results right from the start.


Are these videos really the best resource available ?

We think so.  Take a look in our galleries.

That's the kind of tie-dye we'll show you how to make, step by step.

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